Zero Day Analytics®

Metaform Data Fabric unifies disparate healthcare information sources across the continuum of care, without replicating data.

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Healthcare Data Unification

Gain insights across the continuum of care from one place. With any tool, instantly.

Minutes to Configure

Connecting healthcare information sources with Metaform Data Fabric is as quick and easy as filling out a simple form.

Minutes to Insights

Leverage any tool to query, manipulate, and analyze your entire healthcare data infrastructure.

Faster & Cheaper

Compared with alternative data integration approaches, the Metaform Data Fabric cuts both cost and time tenfold.

Hybrid Cloud?

Managing a complex, hybrid infrastructure with protected health information can be a monumental undertaking, requiring multiple handoffs, redundant tooling, and extra staff to handle the operations. Metaform Data Fabric is architected for hybrid deployments, with elastic compute abilities, and native integration to healthcare information sources.

The Metaform Data Fabric Difference

Metaform's data unification solution delivers Zero Day Analytics® across the continuum of care, while simultaneously allowing you to use existing predictive analytics and clinical decision support technology.

On Everything, Everywhere

Execute SQL queries across all of your disparate healthcare data sources, whether they are structured or semi-structured.

In-Place Analytics

Eliminate the costs and delays tied to traditional Extract, Transform, Load (ETL) processes with at-source healthcare analytics.

Horizontal Scalability

With a symmetrical architecture that operates at scale, the platform can scale to hundreds of nodes using commodity hardware.

Connect Anything, Anywhere

From inpatient to outpatient, and on-premise to the cloud, Metaform Data Fabric virtually consolidates all of your disconnected healthcare data sources and business intelligence tools into one platform — a single, virtualized source of truth.

Metaform Beta Software Program

We are looking for healthcare organizations to help us test the Metaform Data Fabric platform.

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